Activating Circular Services in the Electrical and Electronic Sector

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C-SERVEES - supply chain transparency enhancing circular economy business models
Date pub: 13/10/2021

For the C-SERVEES project 2021 has been dominated by the most important milestone for software solutions for Circular Economy. Over the course of two years, C-SERVEES partners, Circularise, Soltel and Rina-C have developed a set of integrated solutions providing transparency for supply chains and improving their circularity. 

Circularise has built a supply chain transparency solution that allows companies to prove the sustainability of their products in a fast, safe and digital way on a product by product basis. The blockchain-based communication protocol allows all stakeholders along the supply chain to communicate material claims with each other without the need to identify themselves or share their full bill of material information. Companies can share their claims and material composition through a consumer-facing app. For a video about the latest demonstration examples please visit

The decentralised communication software uses a patent-pending solution called Smart Questioning. With this technology, it is possible to identify the materials of a product through an automatic and verified information request to the respective supply chain partners which results in a verified answer without sharing the sensitive material data. 

Building on Circularise’s privacy-focused system, Soltel developed a Decision Support System for manufacturers, end-users and WEEE management organisations to share public information about repair, refurbishment and recycling procedures for different products and materials. The Information Exchange Platform will be a meeting point where all the actors involved in the life cycle of products can share public information, tips and advice regarding reuse, repair, dismantling and recycling of products.

The platform has three main information sharing modules:

- Documents: to share all kind of documents from instruction manuals, to blueprints, to whatever can be useful for a specific operation on a product.

- Quick guides: to generate in-site and share step-by-step guides to perform operations on a product, like removing certain components, fix some issue, etc.Forum: to start a multidirectional conversation about relevant topics, provide feedback to the producers about their products and procedures, etc.

The Rina-C system optimizes logistics of collection activities for product components or waste. Through calculations of component availability, collection routes, shipment size and requirements, Rina’s platform allows customers to choose the best possible supply and logistics. Customers are not only able to optimise shipment routes, but also adjust the collection to the size, weight, toxicity or other characteristics of products and packaging. 

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 776714