Activating Circular Services in the Electrical and Electronic Sector


C-SERVEES aims to boost a resource-efficient circular economy in the electrical and electronic (E&E) sector through the development, testing, validation and transfer of new circular economic business models (CEBMs) based on systemic eco-innovative services that include: eco-leasing of EEE, product customization, improved WEEE management, and ICT services to support the other eco-services. ICT tools (relying on QR codes) will be developed as the driver of the proposed eco-innovative services to take full advantage of the potential and synergies of two major revolutions of our time: the circular economy and the Industry 4.0. The project will thus contribute to transform the E&E sector into circular and 4.0, raising new opportunities for end-users (such as their involvement in design or the access to a product as a service) and for social and solidarity economy (conducted by NGOs, like EMAUS, which employ people at risk of social exclusion to repair and prepare WEEE for re-use). The techno-economic, environmental and social viability of the new CEBMs will be validated through demonstrations dealing with four target products belonging to different EEE categories: large household appliances, IT equipment, telecommunications equipment, and consumer equipment.


A circular business reference model for the E&E sector will be developed based on circular economy principles and stakeholders’ requirements. The reference model will be further tailored to each product targeted in the project: washing machines, toner cartridges, telecom ALM products and TV sets/displays. Performance indicators: by M12 guidelines for circular economy models in the E&E sector will be delivered (after validation by an External Advisory Board); by M15 the circular economic business reference model for the E&E sector will be ready and by M21 the CEBMs for four EEE will be ready (once reviewed by industry).

ICT tools (using zero-knowledge protocol) will be developed in sprints with industry partners that will test them to provide feedback and validate their features and functionalities: life-cycle tracking of EEE, end-users feedback, interactive user and repair manuals, warranty tracking, consumables management, WEEE management protocols for re-use or recycling. Performance indicators: A minimum viable product of these ICT tools will be delivered by M21, while the expanded version with services and functionalities required by actors in each EEE value chain will be ready by M36.

The new CEBMs will be implemented through four demonstrations involving the whole life cycle of the target products, their associated value and supply chains and the proposed eco-innovative services: eco-leasing, product customization, improved WEEE management, and ICT services. Performance indicators: by M51 the demonstrations will have been conducted with 100 washing machines, 200 printers, 1.000 toner cartridges, 200 telecom ALM units and 100 TV sets/displays.

The techno-economic, environmental and social feasibility of the four target products and related eco-services will be determined by means of life-cycle sustainability assessment. Performance indicators: preliminary environmental, economic and social analyses will be completed by M31, while final life-cycle sustainability results will be available by M51.

Key enabling tools will be developed, shared and discussed with relevant stakeholders to boost the replication and transfer of the new CEBMs and services across the EU. Performance indicators: ecodesign guidelines for knowledge transfer to EEE industry completed by M36, position paper with recommendations for policy makers by M51, and proposal for circular economy standardization by M51.

The project knowledge and results will be managed and protected. Business and exploitation plans will be delivered for all key exploitable results to map the post-project phase. A comprehensive dissemination and communication campaign will be designed and implemented to ensure that knowledge on best practices is exchanged. Performance Indicators: by M8, a comprehensive communication & dissemination plan will be completed, which will be executed during the whole project with at least 3 informative workshops and 34 publications.


The Consortium of C-SERVEES will be coordinated by partner AIMPLAS. The project management structure has been conceived to ensure the competent industrial, scientific and business management of the C-SERVEES project and to enable efficient and effective integration and communication throughout the management chain. C-SERVEES project success will be strongly based on the close interaction and equilibrated partnership of SMEs and large companies (65%) plus research centres and other organizations.


Amb3E – Associação Portuguesa de Gestão de Resíduos
Amb3E - Portuguese Waste Management Association is responsible for collecting and referral to treatment and recovery of more than 400,000 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries and accumulators (WBA), generated in Portugal. In 2018, Amb3E became the one-stop-shop of environmental compliance in Portugal, with the start-up of the activity of packaging waste management.

Ecodom Consorzio Italiano Recupero e Riciclaggio Elettrodomestici
(From 01/06/20218 to 30/09/2020)
ECODOM was the largest Italian Household Appliance Recovery and Recycling Consortium. Founded in 2004 and operational since 2008, it was a private, not-for-profit Consortium that collected WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) from collection facilities and treats it at specialist sites.
ECODOM merged with Consorzio Remedia to become Erion Compliance Organization SARL (ECO). ECO is a non-for-profit company, acting as service provider of the ERION Group composed by ERION WEEE, ERION ENERGY and ERION PACKAGING and ERION PROFESSIONAL. ECO, which became a project partner as of 1st October 2021, harmonises their respective operational strategies and coordinates the areas of communication, innovation and development, European projects, regulatory compliance and operations.

CONSORZIO REMEDIA - Gestione del trasporto, trattamento e riciclo dei rifiuti tecnologici
(From 01/06/20218 to 30/09/2020)
Consorzio Remedia was the leading Italian consortium for the environmentally sustainable management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and end-of life Batteries and Accumulators (BA).
The Consortium was a direct expression of the Producers –around 1,500 – and represented, in terms of market share and organization, a point of reference in the management of technological waste. Since its inception in 2005, Remedia supported its associated Producers in integrating sustainability into their business strategies and practices.
Consorzio Remedia merged with ECODOM to become Erion Compliance Organization SARL (ECO). ECO is a non-for-profit company, acting as service provider of the ERION Group composed by ERION WEEE, ERION ENERGY and ERION PACKAGING and ERION PROFESSIONAL. ECO, which became a project partner as of 1st October 2021, harmonises their respective operational strategies and coordinates the areas of communication, innovation and development, European projects, regulatory compliance and operations.

RENAS is Norway’s leading EE-return company. It is Norway's leading WEEE compliance scheme and also offer producer compliance for waste batteries and packaging.
With 14 treatment plants and around 100 collectors across the country, RENA's producer responsibility responds to more than 3100 manufacturers and importers of EE products. RENAS is a non-profit organization owned by the which was founded by Elektroforeningen, a professional body for Norwegian electro manufacturers, agents and wholesalers, and Norsk Industri, an association of electro-manufacturers.
With almost twenty years of experience with the WEEE recycling business and first-hand knowledge of EU and national legislation, RENAS is a consolidated authorised representative (AR) in Norway.
RENAS joined WEEE Forum in 2015.

Lexmark International Technology Hungaria Kft.
Lexmark Hungary is the European competence center for Lexmark and is the largest Lexmark legal entity in Europe. The requested experts for refurbishment are located at Lexmark Hungary. Lexmark Hungary is also managing the refurbishment activities with Lexmark’s supplier Syncreon in Poland.
The EMEA Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Team that provides project management support, also operates in Budapest with experts in environment and circular economy.

Lexmark International Technology Sàrl.
Lexmark Switzerland is the European Headquarter for Lexmark. The manufacturing and remanufacturing activities are led by Lexmark Switzerland. Decisions such as the definition of new Circular Economy business models and financial investments are taken at Lexmark Switzerland.

Emaus Gipuzkoa SLU
Emaus Gipuzkoa is a non-profit integration enterprise as states the 182/2008 Decree of the 11th November of the Basque Country, promoted 100% by Emaus Fundación Social.
Indeed, Emaus Fundación Social develops its social programmes from the legal form of the foundation, but for developing its productive structures, it promotes different enterprise, 100% owned by Emaus Foundation. (Emaus Comercio Justo, Bilketa, Riquirraque, or the aforementioned Emaus Gipuzkoa).
Emaus Gipuzkoa aims at the social integration of the most disadvantages sectors of the population. through a learning process which include not only acquiring technical competences, but also social abilities.

SOLTEL IT Solutions, S.L
Soltel IT Solutions is a medium size ICT company founded in 2002. It is the largest entity in SOLTEL Group providing most of the horizontal services for the company. Among them is the Research and Development Department that promotes and coordinates innovative initiatives within the group and with related partners.
Soltel’s R&D department aims at developing innovative and integrated solutions, based upon emerging technologies, like knowledge engineering (business intelligence, data mining, predictive analytics, benchmarking), IOT and mobile, taking full advantage of the knowledge potential generated in different scenarios (SmartCities, environment, industry/agrifood, and health).

CIAOTECH is the Italian branch of PNO Innovation B.V., the Europe’s largest independent public funding and innovation consultancy firm with 30 years of hands-on expertise and more than 500 funding programmes in most EU countries.
CIAOTECH assesses the dynamics of clients’ activities and ambitions with insights into business opportunities, market demands, technology trends, key societal issues and government policies. CTECH has successfully performed tens of studies (Life Cycle Analysis, feasibility studies, business plans, technology intelligence, market analyses) for private clients as well as public bodies (such as the European Commission) on several different sectors.

Pascal Leroy
Pascal Leroy (leader of the Advisory Board)
Bernd Kopacek (Dissemination and Communication manager)

In Task 8.1, C-SERVEES partners have so far identified the following projects and initiatives related to C-SERVEES’ scope and ambition. This list will be updated through the whole duration of the project. If you notice that a key project or initiative is missing from this list, please let us know at:



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 776714