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International E-Waste Day: C-SERVEES launches video on circular business models for e-products
Date pub: 14/10/2021

Today, October 14th, is International E-Waste Day and to mark the occasion the C-SERVEES project is launching a short animation that provides an insight into the work it has been undertaking and how the project has been developing circular business models for its target e-products: televisions, washing machines, printers and network monitoring equipment.
According to the UN, in 2021 each person on the planet will produce on average 7.6 kg of e-waste, meaning that a massive 57.4 million tonnes will be generated worldwide. Only 17.4 per cent of this electronic waste, containing a mixture of harmful substances and precious materials, will be recorded as being properly collected, treated and recycled. 
The C-SERVEES animation has been developed to provide citizens with information on what the project is doing to change the way e-products are developed and consumed and to make them think about new approaches to the purchase and use of electronics.
Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, C-SERVEES aims to boost a resource-efficient circular economy in the electrical and electronic sector through the development, testing, validation and transfer of new circular economic business models based on systemic eco-innovative services that include: eco-leasing of EEE, product customization, improved WEEE management, and ICT services to support the other eco-services. 
ICT tools are being developed as the driver of the proposed eco-innovative services to take full advantage of the potential and synergies of two major revolutions of our time: the circular economy and the Industry 4.0. The techno-economic, environmental and social viability of the new circular economic business models are being validated through demonstrations dealing with the four target products. 
International #ewasteday, established by the WEEE Forum, a C-SERVEES partner, is an annual event in which organisations across the world highlight the increasing challenge that e-waste presents by undertaking initiatives that communicate and discuss best practice in circular economy and e-waste management, and set up repair, reuse and collection points for unused or broken e-products. The aim of the day is to improve knowledge of the whole e-value chain and the importance of making this vital part of our daily lives more circular - something that is at the core of C-SERVEES.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 776714